We study visual technologies that move us: how digitally created imagery affects human emotion, thinking and behavior. Below we index our work by several related fields.


User experience

Simulating the flying experience for treating phobias, testing spatial and wayfinding ability, relating stress to mobile security, visual communication, course projects and currently, gaming experience and the relationship of UX to machine learning.

flying flying flying spatial wayfinding stress stress viscomm viscomm

Computer graphics

Controlling visual fidelity and frame rates, foveated rendering, simplification, low latency rendering, procedural urban modeling, course projects and currently, multiview rendering.

book latency latency latency foveation foveation foveation foveation simplification simplification fidelity fidelity fidelity lowlatency lowlatency urban urban urban urban urban multiview


Depicting text, graphs, network traffic and urban commuters for retail, genealogy, security, search and sustainability. Also, visual communication, mobile visualization and currently, categorical visualization.

text text text graphs graphs security security search urban viscomm viscomm mobile



Relating stress and sensing to mobile security, improving mobile search, course projects, and currently, mobile shortcuts, location and visualization.

stress stress search location visualization

Screenshot 2017-04-09 at 1.24.42 PM.png

Human-computer interaction

Latency and foveation in virtual reality; fidelity for simplification; tangible and tabletop interfaces for education, assessment and training; mobile search, security and sensing; and currently, shortcutting for desktops and mobiles.

latency latency latency foveation foveation foveation foveation fidelity fidelity fidelity tangible tangible spatial wayfinding wayfinding education education stress stress search

Virtual reality

For therapy, health and training; foveation and latency control; with elderly users; in Japan; tracking, 3D interaction and optical distortion.

flying flying flying driving latency latency latency foveation foveation foveation foveation elderly japan tracking 3dinteraction distortion