Intro CG — 461/561

Introduction to computer graphics methods for making 3D digital imagery. If you are considering entertainment, engineering, visualization or design, this course will help.

CG for Games — 462/562

The advanced computer graphics techniques used in game engines. If you are interested in a career in special effects for movies or games, you should enjoy this course.

UX — 591

As technology markets mature, products can no longer differentiate themselves by functionality alone. Instead, they must make more emotional appeals: they must be more interesting, engaging, memorable or moving.


Mobiles — 463/563

Thanks to mobile devices like phones, tablets and wearables, technology is deeply woven into our lives. In this course, we discuss how to create effective visual interfaces in this rich and evolving context.

Web — 342

The web is a universal publishing platform for documents, media and applications that of necessity, fundamentally integrates the design and engineering disciplines. This course introduces you to that synthesis.